A collection of items relating to the history of Harwick Standard Chemical Co, Akron, Ohio
My association with Harwick goes back a long way. My father, Harvey Greer spent 20 years at Harwick beginning in 1948 until his retirement in 1968. As a child. My earliest recollections are of attending Christmas parties held at the office where they passed out toys from Sun Rubber Co. And then there was the fire that destroyed the whole place. I also remember some early give always, including a pocket magnifying glass and key chain nail clippers. I began my career at Harwick in 1964 by working part-time in the lab while home from college. After graduation it evolved into a full time position which stretched into 30 years, ending with my retirement in 2000. During those 30 years, we witnessed a huge change in the way business was conducted, as a result of the changing world economy. OSHA, the Energy Crisis, double digit inflation, and corporate mergers, were just a few of the things that we had to adapt to in order to survive and thrive. Along the way, I collected quite a bit of stuff relating to Harwick, and I will share some of it with you here. This will be an ongoing process. If you see any errors or can add any additional info, please do not hesitate to contact me.

                                                                                 Bruce Greer